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A Social Hub for Events,

Wellness, Stays & Travel

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Welcome to the Social Club that Enhances Lives

We create platforms and spaces to facilitate better, healthier lives. Our programming is designed to help you get connected to a support system that encourages you on your journey and make wellness a fun experience.

Let's Hang Out

Moments created by our community are meant to entertain, educate and inspire wellness. Members have the opportunity to host their own events that may range from celebrations to classes, workshops, group treatments, spa parties and pop-up shops. Events may not always be at our club house and may take place at varying destinations.

Live your best life NATURALLY

Drawing from the expertise of Body Contour Specialists, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers and Nutrition Experts, we have services and experiences designed for you to enhance wellness, manage your weight, reshape your body and create the best version of you. Experience all this at our Club House complete with therapeutic spa amenities. Coming to Clermont, FL.

Retreats & Luxury Car Service

Wellness is the new luxury. As with our name, Plush Central, we try to give you an experience of a luxury lifestyle. We strive to give appealing accommodations that are focused on wellness and make the trip just as comforting with luxury transportation. Enjoy our retreats and tours...

and ride in style.

Stay in Clermont, FL

Juice Bar

One of the features of our club house will be our juice bar that produces healthy, organic juices. Juice bar will be available for both members and guests offering juices and smoothies with selected ingredients to assist with health issues and maintain a healthy life.

Juice Bar LNJ.jpeg

Wellness is Beauty


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