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Social Club &

Boutique Wellness Space

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We create spaces and experiences to enhance beauty and physical appeal through healthier practices. Our programming is designed to help you get connected to a support system that encourages you on your journey and make wellness a fun and beautifying experience.

Let's Hang Out

Moments created with us are meant to build a  high quality connection between us. Whether you are a member or their guest, we hope to make wellness an impact on your life. All our wellness based events can be booked exclusively through our Founding Members.

Live your best life NATURALLY

We are designing spaces that compliment services toward your physique and well being. Spaces that promote an overall holistic experience with each therapeutic amenity. Services that cater to aesthetic wellness and creates the best version of you. 

Retreats & Luxury Ride Service

Take Wellness On the Go, as you travel with our luxury ride service to spa, retreats, for Pre-/Post Op, or for your day to day transport needs. With vehicles enhanced with therapeutic amenities, you can ride in wellness and style.

Get Plushed

8 Hr Bathhouse, Massage Getaway

Join us for a Bathhouse and Sauna Road Trip experience at King Spa & Sauna in Palisades, NJ. Get pickup from home and ride to wellness. 

Experience duration: 8 hrs

Capacity: 6-7 participants


Wellness is Weight Management

DIET DUO (Chromium Polynicotinate + 5-HTP)

The "Semaglutide In a Bottle!"
Enhances Mood, Boosts Metabolism,
Burns Fat Faster

Reduce cravings for sugar and carbohydrates

5-HTP Plus with ChromeMate_edited.png

Founding Members save 20%

Each 6 Sprays Contains:
GABA               1500 mcg
L-Carnitine   100 mg
5-HTP             25 mg
Vitamin B6     5 mg

Each Capsule Contains:
Chromium     200 mcg
(as niacin bound chromium polynicotinate)

Thafarie Thomas, NP

Director of Body Sculpting


CEO founder of The Voice of Beauty 5 star luxury hybrid med-spa/day-spa, injector, educator, Semaglutide expert, International Speaker


These are the great minds behind our offering. Medical professionals, Educators, Aestheticians and more.

Quin Harris_edited.jpg

Quinn R. Harris

Director of Fitness


CEO founder, Master Instructor at

 Q Fitness, Certified Nutritionist Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Trainer

Etta Dixon_edited.jpg

Etta Dixon

Wellness Advisor


Wellness Lifestyle Consultant 



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