Its not money that you desire, its the things money can buy; Freedom? Time to socialize? Health? Lifestyle?

We want to create a community for you to regain your "real" social lives (not social media life), enhance health, travel the world and have opportunities available for you to generate income doing all this.

Plush Central is your social hub to enjoy Lifestyle Enhancement through events, entertainment, wellness and travel.

How many people have a real work-life balance? We want to build a community of wellness enthusiasts or people who want to maintain health through lifestyle and diet, a community that also offers that balance for a real social life and opportunities for income.

Our Mission

Plush Central's mission is to create opportunity out of leisure.

To build a community where we can explore our true passions without worry that it may not be enough to sustain the lifestyle that we want to live. To do whatever we want to do freely, productively and rewardingly.



We were meant to live life to the fullest but can't do so if we're thrown off balance.

You can't spend all your life working and putting everything else on the back burner cause if and when you become successful, you may have a hard task trying to regain your social life and health. God forbid, you end up failing at success and you're left standing with no friends or family around, bad health and unaccomplished dreams.  

Our goals are better  accomplished when we have a support system. With the support of our community, we will focus on holistic health, socializing, enhancing the quality of our lives, enjoying the best of what life has to offer and sharing it with others. With our seamless opportunities for income generation our community helps to offer that balance for maintaining our quality of life. 


If you love our values, like this post.....nah, actually come have a seat at our club house, or attend one of our events, travel with us and tell us/show us how you feel. 

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