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Its not money that you desire, its the things money can buy; Freedom? Time to socialize? Health? Lifestyle?

We want to create a community for you to regain your "real" social lives (not social media life), enhance health, travel the world and have opportunities available for you to generate income doing all this.

Plush Central is your social hub to enjoy New York City culture, activities, people and hot spots. All visitors, new comers and native New Yorkers are welcome to mingle, share experiences, and share stories. Come hang with us and have fun “New York Style”.

How many people live in a place but have never really spent time to enjoy it? We get the chance to vacation and end up going to a different state or entirely different country. If possible, we’d probably go to another planet.

Our Mission

Plush Central's mission is to create opportunity out of leisure.

To build a community where we can explore our true passions without worry that it may not be enough to sustain the lifestyle that we want to live. To do whatever we want to do freely, productively and rewardingly.



The idea of social has become nothing more than Apps on a smart phone. Notifications keep us close to each other as we rely on posts, shares, pictures and videos to keep up with what’s going on in our friends lives. But even though reaching out to a friend or relative is at our finger tips, we still seem out of touch with real live people around us everyday. We have become so busy with social media that we have forgotten how to actually be social.

Let our goal be to put down our smart phones for a brief moment and connect with living breathing people. Remember, talking beats typing and a genuine laugh feels better than a like. If you agree, like this post.....nah, actually come out to one of our events, tours, group vacations and travel and tell us you agree.

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Zeneth Ferguson-Harper

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