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Let's Have A Drink.......A Healthy Drink

Plush Central was created as a club for wellness enthusiasts who are seeking a community that shares a passion for lifestyle enhancement. Healthy living should be incorporated into every aspect of our lives including the way we entertain and travel. From Spa Events and fitness classes to weight-loss & wellness retreats, we are forming a community of people who support each other on our wellness journeys. 

Plush Central is your social hub to enjoy Lifestyle Enhancement through wellness inspired events, services, entertainment, and travel.

Wellness needs a community, a group of like-minded people who want to maintain health through socializing and fun, a community that proves that wellness is not a chore, its just a fun way of life!

Our Mission

Plush Central's mission is to facilitate the Level Up journeys for women and men for both wellness and physical appeal. 

To build a community where we can be each other's accountability partner to keep on track of our health and fitness goals and achieve a higher quality of life.

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Our Mission
Holding Hands Up High


Wellness is a journey that no one should take alone.

Our goals are better  accomplished when we have a support system. With the support of our community, we will focus on holistic health, socializing, enhancing the quality of our lives, enjoying the best of what life has to offer and sharing it with others. With our luxury wellness spaces and programming our community helps to offer that support we all need for a better quality of life. 


If you love our values, come connect with us over healthy organic juices, relaxing wellness services and good conversation.

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The Founder

Meet Cavelle Ferguson, the visionary founder of Plush Central LLC.

Cavelle Ferguson is an accomplished artist, teacher, luxury transport provider, and entrepreneur. With a passion for art, wellness, and luxury, Cavelle's journey began in humble beginnings in Jamaica W.I. Despite limited resources, Cavelle's love for art and determination to improve her circumstances led her to pursue a college education in Teaching and Art.


Cavelle's teaching career started at a high school where there was no music department or choirs. Collaborating with another teacher, she successfully created and led a thriving music program, winning competitions and bringing joy to her students. However, after several years of teaching, Cavelle realized that her income was not commensurate with her efforts.


Motivated by the desire for financial independence, Cavelle embarked on an entrepreneurial path. Starting with a portrait painting business, she quickly learned the limitations of a business reliant solely on her artistic skills. Inspired by the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki, Cavelle shifted her focus to sustainable businesses and self-reliant systems.


In 2005, Cavelle discovered the wellness industry through network marketing, honing her sales and team-building skills. Seeking faster progress, she seized the opportunity to travel to the United States, where she explored various job opportunities. Working as a companion to the elderly, as a hostess at Disney, and as an executive assistant, Cavelle gained valuable experiences while pursuing her dreams.


In 2011, Cavelle became a black car driver/luxury transportation provider, enjoying the opportunity to drive luxury cars, meet celebrities, and dress elegantly. However, she eventually realized that the promised income was not consistent and began searching for a more sustainable path.


Revisiting network marketing and the wellness industry, Cavelle conducted extensive research to understand successful companies' strategies and failures. With a deep fascination for thriving businesses and a commitment to helping struggling enterprises, Cavelle collaborated with minority-owned businesses to elevate their standards and achieve success.


Cavelle's personal health journey also influenced her entrepreneurial pursuits. Facing multiple ovarian cysts, she explored various methods to alleviate her condition but found limited success. Eventually, she made the difficult decision to undergo surgery, leading her to prioritize her own wellness. Combining her passion for wellness, her discovery of space rentals through partnering with an events venue company, and then obtaining certification in non-invasive body contouring, Cavelle knew the type of business she wanted to start.


With a clear vision in mind, Cavelle conceived the idea of Plush Central, a Social Wellness Club that would provide a supportive community and assist individuals on their wellness and weight loss journeys. Through her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, Cavelle seeks to create a space where individuals can thrive and embrace a holistic approach to wellness.

Join Us Today!

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