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Club House Pre-Launch

Become our 1st Club Members and enjoy 1st class treatment at our Brooklyn house. 

All day passes & tech therapies are booked exclusively through Founding Members.

Hydrotherapy: Hot Tub

Sitting in a hot tub is an effective means to improving blood flow, thereby supporting health and endurance. This also helps to lower blood pressure. Founding members have unlimited access to hot tub.

Hydrotherapy Package Includes:

Hot tub + Cold Plunge + Steam Room + Sauna

Day Pass (Mon - Thurs) $50

(Fri - Sun) $60

Guest Access
Hot tub group.jpg


Hydrotherapy: Cold Plunge

The physical benefits of cold plunging are abundant. Experts say benefits can include decreased inflammation, improve sleep and mood, boost injury recovery promote lymphatic drainage accelerate metabolism. Founding members have unlimited access to cold plunge.

Guest Access
Cold Plunge with person.jpg

Hydrotherapy: Steam Room

Steam rooms help to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, promote heart health, clear congestion, loosen stiff joints, support workout recovery, promote healthy skin, burn calories. Founding members have unlimited access to steam room.

Guest Access
Steam room.PNG

Hydrotherapy: Sauna

The benefits of a sauna include: improved cardiovascular health, lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer, reduces pain, helps depression, reduces stress, eliminates toxins, reduces risk of heart attack and stroke. Founding members have unlimited access to sauna.

Guest Access
Woman and man in a sauna

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

HBOT is the most natural way to beauty, improve metabolism and sleep, eliminate sub-health fatigue, effectively promote skin elasticity, and restore youthful vitality. Some Founding members have monthly access to hyperbaric oxygen chamber.


Guest Access
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.PNG

Tech Therapies

Wellness Pod

This service combines Infrared Heat, Vibratory Massage, Heated Stones and a Pink Himalayan Salt Tile to create an environment for optimal health and wellness. Most reported benefits include weight loss, detoxification, improved sleep, cellulite reduction, improved mental health, increases energy & endurance. Some Founding members have monthly access to wellness pod service.


Guest Access
Wellness pod with person.jpg

Luna-Spacetouch & Red light Mat

This service combines the Luna and Red Light Therapy Mat for maximum benefits. Luna is an FDA Cleared device that incorporates multiple technologies in one treatment to target a wide array of concerns, including bone density, mood and sleep disorders, jaundice, skin-related cancer symptoms, and skin disorders such as psoriasis or vitiligo. Some Founding members have monthly access to Luna/Red Light Therapy Mat Combo.


Guest Access
Luna Spacetouch 2.gif

Organic Juices & Non-alcoholic Wines

Boost your well being as you socialize over fresh organic juices and healthy wines. Juicing offers a calorie-controlled diet jam-packed with nutrients. Drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables further helps to cleanse and flush out toxins from your system. 4D Body sculpting sessions come with 1 complimentary juice. Founding Members enjoy 15% off plus unlimited access to club house amenities.

Home juice bar.jpg

Retreat Suite

Personalize your experience with a brief stay in our Retreat Suite. A private room complete with a walk-in steam shower, a soaking tub, couch, (bed only for night time stays), infrared sauna, a flat screen TV and amenities and your own personal assistant. Enjoy for alone time, group outings or intimate date nights.

Rates (Not including Practitioner services) 

Per Hour: $200 weekdays | $250 weeknights

$250 weekend/Holiday Day | $300 weekend Night

Add on practitioner services include a body sculpting practitioner, a personal trainer, or a CBD oil massage therapist, a vegan/keto chef.

Founding Members get 25% off

Fruit basket luxury suite.jpg

Create Your Own Experiences

Event Space Rentals

Having a special occasion? Host your event with the backdrop of wellness. The entire place can be yours, or just a section. We'll help you coordinate with decorators and caterers to have a successful event. Space can be used to also host your own dance/workout classes and more.

Per Hour: $600 weeknights

$800 weekend Nights

Founding Members get 25% off


Relax & Rejuvenate




Cleanse     Balance    Energize

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