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Your Personal Driver at your Service!

Ride in style with experienced, professional and reliable chauffeurs.

Choose Your Own Driver

Have you ever wished you had the same driver all the time?

Plush Fares is for riders who are seeking not only luxury but a certain amount of consistency when it comes to how they get around. Riders get to decide on the personalities, skill set and type of car that they get when choosing a driver. You no longer have to have "that feeling" when you're getting into a car with complete strangers, you can be confident in knowing exactly who is picking you up.

Why a good Driver Rider match is important?

Imagine driving 5 hours with someone with a personality that does not mesh with yours?​

A good driver match could ensure that your needs are always being met because you both understand each other. We believe in helping riders and drivers identify desirable straits between both parties.

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