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8 Hr Bathhouse, Massage Getaway

Road Trip to Bathhouse & Sauna

  • 8 hours
  • From 230 US dollars
  • Queens: Jamaica Center|Rutland Road|Manhattan: Marriott Marquis

Service Description

Package Includes: Shared LUX SUV Facility Admission 60Min Massage Pickup Location: 1 central location for pickups/drop-offs Healing Benefits of 10 Saunas: 1) Bulhanjeungmak * Detoxify and purify body * Helps with arthritis, rheumatism, aches, and pains * Softer and revived skin due to sweating and waste material flowing out of pores *Body will feel lighter and free from any aches or pain. 2) Bulgama Sauna *Accelerates the body’s metabolism *Relieves muscle aches and back aches. 3) Infrared Ray Sauna *Increases metabolism *Increases healthy blood flow *Reduces hypertension (high blood pressure) *Reduces the chances of blood clots *Improves the elasticity of arterial walls *Flushes toxins from the lymph areas *Reduces the acidity in our body *Improves the immune system *Reduces the arthritis pain *Increases the extensibility of collagen *Relieves muscle spasms *Reduces edema (an accumulation of an excessive amount of watery fluid in cells or tissues). 4) Hwangto Sauna *Promotes healthy blood circulation *Helps reduce pain for arthritis, rheumatism, muscular aches, abdominal pain, postnatal recuperation *Detoxification of the skin for smoother and rejuvenating feeling *Antioxidant effects that prevent aging 5) Amethyst Room *Detoxifies and assists in blood circulation *Has sobering and calming qualities thereby relaxing both mind and nervous system *Enhance mental strength, stability and vigor *Lowered stress and fatigue levels 6) Mineral Salt *Accelerates our metabolism *Provides important nutrients such as minerals, sodium, potassium, nickel, iron *Significant effect in sweating out toxins from the human body *Improves condition of skin disease *Softens skin 7) Gold Pyramid Sauna *Activates human bio-energy *Revitalize inner energy *Enhances immunity against disease *Anti-aging effect on the skin *Increases immunity against diseases *Helps maintain firm skin and prevent aging process *Enhance concentration 8) Cheongito *Revitalize your stamina *Helps prevent aging process *Deodorization effect 9) Hanyulso Leaning against the heated dome-shaped exterior of Hanyulso allows for back pain relief. 10) Ice Room *Reduction in pain medicine and hypersensitivity to pain *Improved joint and muscle function, and blood circulation *Improved nutrient and oxygen supply to muscle tissue *Improved strength, joint mobility, mental acuity *Reduce and relieve skin irritation and fatigue *Improved quality of life *Benefits effective for 6 months up to one year

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Payment Policy: All payments collected upfront to confirm booking. To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 8 hours in advance. If you wish to cancel, please note we require 8 hrs notice for a full refund (except in the case of unsafe weather).

Contact Details

  • Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer, Queens, NY, USA


  • 1112 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, NY, USA


  • New York Marriott Marquis, Broadway, New York, NY, USA


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