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The Team

 Meet Our Advisory Practitioners

The experts behind our offering

Thafarie Thomas, NP

Director of Body Sculpting

Thafarie Thomas is a board-certified nurse practitioner who specializes in aesthetic wellness. Her expertise includes IV Hydration therapy, Botox and body sculpting. She is a living testimony, expert and promoter for Semaglutide, a weight loss medication. She is the CEO and founder of The Voice of Beauty & VOB Aesthetics, in partnership with Madison Skin Studio.

Thafarie is an educator and trainer in aesthetic work and is an international speaker on the subject. Thafarie's philosophy is that "beauty can be heard without saying a word".

Quinn R. Harris

Director of Fitness, Retreats & Travel

Quinn Harris is the owner, trainer and master

instructor at Q Fitness in Brooklyn (1112

Rutland Rd Brooklyn,NY) the gym has all the

amenities of any commercial gym, but the

experience is on a different level. Quinn is an

expert fitness professional who's classes are

fun, energetic and creative. Beyond that you get

the feeling that you are working out with a

family that you would love to be apart of. "It's

not a workout, It's an experience!"

Quinn is CEO and Founder of Litu Concierge, a company that specializes in events, travel and personal assistance services. They take the burden off your shoulders and help you make "life a walk in the park".

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Etta Dixon

Wellness Advisor

Etta Dixon, a Scorpion, was born October 30, 1933 in Brooklyn, NY during the depression. She and her two sisters were vastly different. Their inattention to their health created everlasting consequences which frightened Miss Etta. They both died young and Miss Etta decided early on that that would not be her destiny. She took control of her health and ultimately became a wellness witness.


Throughout her lifetime, she focused on her health and lived and ate accordingly. Dancing became her favorite pastime early in life. She says, "There was no television, video games or other technological devices so we danced. Young people had to create their own entertainment.


"The Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, NY was a tremendous inspiration for young people to learn how to dance.


In the 1990's she learned everything she now knows about dancing from her first dance partner, Clement Poussaint and have been dancing professionally ever since.


Today, she's a spirited octogenarian who still dances in competitions.

Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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