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Plush Central Club House

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY





60 Max

guest rental cost

Mon-Thur    Friday     Sat      Sun

$150      $165    $230  $180

Per hour rates /4 hr Min

Included in your booking


  • Tables

  • Chairs​

  • DJ Booth

  • Mics

  • Projector

  • WiFi

  • TV Monitors

  • Lighting

  • Throne Chairs

Highlighted Features

  • High End Trophy Space 

  • Himalayan Salt Cave

  • Full Bathroom with shower

  • Juice Bar

  • Locker Room*

  • Water bottle fill-up station

  • Fitness Studio*

  • Rubber High-tech flooring

  • Shower sauna*

  • Hot tub*

  • Retail Area

  • Private office

Plush Space3.png

About the Space

Plush Central Club House is a newly renovated space inside a newly constructed building. The space boasts high end, modern renovations that fit perfectly with our own name, "Plush". The whole space is about 5000sq ft and occupies 2 floors with some areas *accessible only to members.

* A Retail area visible in the Storefront for members to showcase their products to sell

* A comfortable lounge area for members to have a cup of tea (or some juice) and chat with a friend

* A Juice Bar with fresh organic juices
* A Main space for events

* Fitness Studio
* A private room for classes, workshops, group meetings
* Himalayan Salt Cave

* Locker rooms with Sauna Shower combo

* Hot tub

* Massage Studio

* Event Space can host 30 guests seated and 60 standing.



As our membership grows, so will the need for more spaces. All our spaces should be centered around wellness and therefore include all the amenities to facilitate this.


Hosts: You are responsible for the behavior of your guests.

Members: If you cancel your membership following an event with the hope of registering again later to have another event for only the subscription price, it will be considered abuse. You will be charged a reactivation fee of $500.

Expectation: We do NOT supply food, beverages, dishes or eating utensils, napkins, cups.

Time: You are allowed 2hrs extra to setup and 1hr extra breakdown time for events. There will be additional charges if you use the space for a longer period of time than you have reserved it for. Text/ call at the time of check-in and check out. Access instructions will be provided for self-check-in including private security code to the lock-box. Renter agrees not to share code or keys with attendees, other parties including caterers, entertainers, or others. Renters will leave the space as found with any garbage removed prior to check-out time. Renter must give at least at least a 2 hour notice if they want to extend their event time.

No Alcohol Allowed without a Catering Establishment (Liquor) License

Restricted Activities: Renter agrees not to provide or allow lewd or indecent activities or entertainment on Owners’ property. Such activities or entertainment would include strippers and pornographic material and are strictly prohibited. Renter agrees not to have any weapons in the space, either their own or their guest. Renter agrees for guest to not have any alcoholic beverages outside of the venue, i.e. parking lot, in front of venue. No smoking is allowed within 25 feet of the venue. No fighting, or any criminal activity is permitted in the venue or in front of the venue. If any of these restricted activities occur, the owner has the right to end the event, ask the renter and guests to leave , and NO REFUNDS will be issued.

Smoking is not allowed. Glitter, confetti, candles, hookah, open flames are not allowed. Wall-safe tape only (Painter's Tape).

Extremely loud music is not allowed. Renters are expected to be respectful of neighbors and keep reasonable noise levels at all times during the event. No outside speakers are allowed to be utilized without prior permission. Renter agrees to bring the sound to a soft listening level at 11:30 pm.

There is no outdoor space. We ask smokers to smoke away from the vicinity and for no-one to congregate on the 5th Ave side during the event so as not to disturb the neighbors.

Clean-up: Renter acknowledges and agrees to load out all that was loaded in, to clean up space and leave in broom swept condition. Please place all garbage into black garbage bags and place them on the inside of the venue door upon exiting.
Included in price is a $200 cleaning/damage deposit that will be returned if space is left in the same or similar condition as when Renter entered. This deposit will NOT be returned if you are late getting out of the venue or if any of the space rules are broken.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation for 48 hours

After that, cancel up to 5 days before check-in and get a full refund, minus the service fee.


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