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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Plush Central Plans, Mission and What we're about

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According to our market analysis, Social Clubs tend to be centered around 1 particular niche, cater to particular race or gender or is merely limited to people of certain socio-economic status.

Plush Central plans to be the club for everyone by throwing a wide range of events. Our events stand to bring people of different backgrounds together. This will allow people to spend time with their neighbors and begin to get to know people from different walks of life and still enjoy certain luxuries if and where possible.

We will basically be a social events club where we draw from the skills, ideas, creativity and resources of members to throw events they will love. Our events will vary and so will the faces and backgrounds of our members from time to time.

No Competition

Our competitors may be other clubs, groups and events around the city but will not be treated as competitors. Where possible, we will support these groups and try to create a win-win situation for all parties.

For example, a group may be throwing a concert. Plush Central can arrange with this group to bring in patrons from their own members for a portion of the proceeds.

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