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Plush Central Social Club & Wellness Spaces

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Wellness needs a community, a group of like-minded people that can come together and support each other on our health and fitness goals.

The Problem: Many people find wellness as a struggle when there is no support system around to help them maintain quality healthy living. Its easy to fall off a health track when everyone else around us is doing otherwise. When we have family and friends around us who don't share our values, focusing on wellness can be an uphill task. Our loved ones and their unhealthy influences, coupled with indiscipline on our part, can affect us greatly and prevent us from achieving the goals that we desire. You may hate feeling like you're on a lonely journey when your friends are too lazy to workout with you or criticize every health routine you follow. Or when you're home, trying to be disciplined, "he/she" starts cooking your favorite unhealthy meal that comes with all the tempting aromas from hell with it. Oh yeah, distractions are everywhere!

The Solution:

Plush Central offers guests a way to focus on a healthy lifestyle while socializing at events created by our community. It should be a haven for like-minded people to support each other on their fitness, health and wellness journey, while enjoying the therapeutic amenities that the space has to offer.

Benefits & Amenities: Members and guests can enjoy a space filled with amenities that help to enhance health and create a better version of themselves. From the organic juice bar, health & nutrition center, fitness studio/event space to a spa area offering body contour & massage rooms, saunas, halotherapy booth, hot tub and showers, this space will give the oasis retreat needed in the hustle & bustle of Brooklyn. This together with our programming and events will give members a supportive community to help them achieve their wellness goals.

Who is this for? Level Up and High Value are becoming widely used terms for all aspects of our lives that we want to achieve optimal performance. It seems to be quickly replacing the term "Betterment" or "Enhancement". Everyone has areas in their life that they would like to take to new and higher levels and are constantly looking for way to make this happen. Plush Central was designed specifically for the Level Up Woman and the High Value Man who value themselves by taking care of themselves. They take measures to be the best version of themselves and we are here to provide a comfortable space with enhancing and therapeutic services to facilitate that.

Crowdfunding Through Membership: Our club house is not yet open as we need your help to open our doors. We have raised some funds from interested investors but need additional funding to bring Plush Central to life. We are reaching out to you, our prospective members to pre-sell memberships. This crowd sourced funding will allow us to build out our Brooklyn Space and add the necessary amenities that our members and guests may enjoy. Areas that will need building out is the spa area that includes installation of the Himalayan Salt Booth, Infrared Sauna, Steam Sauna and Hot tub. We will need equipment and furniture for the massage studios and juice bar. See membership options.

Meet the Founder:

Hi, I'm Cavelle Tuckett.

I grew up in a religious organization that was formed on a belief in "The Health Message". In the early years of my life I followed my father's footsteps into vegetarianism. It has been a struggle for me over the years as I lacked the support I needed for a healthy lifestyle that I did not get, even from the church. Wellness is more than just leaving things out of our diet.

My belief in a holistic lifestyle grew when I came across NeoLife International and their natural based products and became a distributor with them. I created a community and customer base surrounding these wellness products and achieved "Director" status in my sales team. This also helped to develop my interest in having a business of my own.

As a cancer survivor, I believe that wellness is so much more than just nutritional products or dietary omission. Wellness is a way of life and we achieve this best with a community of like-minded people with a firm belief in holistic health. This is why I have decided to create Plush Central as not just a wellness facility but as a social club for the wellness enthusiast.

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