A Club House for Plush Central

Imagine an Event Space with a Juice Bar, a Spa and Sauna, a Fitness Studio, a Gallery?

The future for a Plush Central Club House includes a multi-purpose facility where members can focus on a healthy lifestyle and socialize at events created by members or guests. It should be a haven for like-minded members to support each other on their fitness, health and wellness journey, while being able to use the space for entertainment, education, communal activities and income.

In the beginning, however, we'll have to start off with a less ambitious target. Our 1st Club house will be smaller and with a little less amenities. We have found a place in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn that is 1400 sq ft. It features a retail area we could use for pop-up shop, a kitchenette, 1 bathroom on street level and a basement (with a 2nd bathroom) where we can store chairs, tables, props and other things our hosts will need to complete their events without having to go elsewhere to rent additional items. This space can fit about 50 people seated for an event and up to 100 standing.

Our Club House will be membership based and mutually beneficial to all members. A Plush Club Collective Membership keeps the cost down on event space rental and includes access to 1 private event space monthly, discount on event space rental outside of your 1 free access and be included in the revenue sharing we offer to members for guest rentals and advertising in our space. Our name represents comfort and luxury and even though our members don't pay a high cost, we still want them to enjoy luxury. The secondary mission for our Club House membership is to create opportunity out of leisure. Revenue sharing on space rental is one stream of income, revenue sharing on advertising is another but referring friends to also be club house members is a guaranteed monthly stream. A Club House Member with 10 friends can make a monthly income of $300 but a Club House Member with 100 friends can make a monthly income of $3000.

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