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Earn money hosting events....

in OUR space

Have an idea for an event?

Host it at our Event Space without paying upfront.

Focus on your Event

We already have the space covered!

Do something you love and create a paid event out of it. Teach a class, setup a multi-vendor pop-up shop, have a concert, put on a play or throw a party. Create that event that people will pay to attend or participate in and we'll include it in the events on our site for added exposure.

About the Space

Redwood Events, a 1k square foot event Venue, in the heart of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Redwood Events offers a variety of different packages, parking, and ADA accessibility to make sure everyone’s needs are being met.  The space is multi purpose; ranging from private events, gender reveals, baby showers, birthday parties, album release, business launch  to staff retreats, mental health and financial literacy workshops, and self care retreats.  Come visit us, for a walk through and consultation.      

~ Redwood Events; more than just Events ~


Established in 2019.

Redwood Events started a space for people to have an affordable place to have private events and celebrations. We pride ourselves in our customer service and connection building. Redwood Events is also a space where communities can come together to be empowered, learn and grow from one another and be given the tools and resources to share the knowledge they receive.

Included with the space


  • Tables (8) 4X4 (4) 6x6

  • White Folding Chairs​ (50)

  • Sound system



  • Wheelchair Accessible 

  • White box space that can be transformed into anything that is desired

  • ​ Free Parking

Address: 136 Empire Blvd

Ste 4

Brooklyn, NY 11225


Tickets: All event tickets or attendance fee transactions must be done through the Plush Central website. All events must be paid events and no ticket/entrance fee is to be collected on premises.

Space Fees: Space fees and any transaction fees will be deducted before your payout is sent to you. Please ensure that your event can generate enough funds to cover your expected payout and our space fees, so plan accordingly. If your event does not generate enough funds to cover the space fees at least 7 days before the event, your event will be cancelled and all payments returned to attendees/participants.

The space fee is as follows:

Minimum hours:  6

Weekday Pricing: $600

Weekend Pricing;

Friday: 9am - 3pm ($750)

             7pm - 1am ($850)

Saturday: 9am - 3pm ($1000)

                 7pm - 1am ($1200)

Sunday: 5pm - 11 pm ($800)

Age: Host must be 25 years or older to sign contract.  Host must also send a copy of their drivers license to create an event.

Expectation: Plush Central & Redwood does NOT supply food, beverages, dishes or eating utensils, napkins, cups.

Time: You are allowed 2hrs extra to setup and 1hr extra breakdown time for events. There will be additional charges if you use the space for a longer period of time than you have reserved it for. Text/ call  at the time of check-in and check out. Access instructions will be provided for self-check-in including private security code to the lock-box. Host agrees not to share code or keys with attendees, other parties including caterers, entertainers, or others. Host will leave the space as found with any garbage removed prior to check-out time. Host must give at least at least a 2 hour notice if they want to extend their event time. Each additional hour will be $150 weekdays, $200 weekends. If you are not out after your allotted time, every additional 30 minutes is $50. No events after 1:am

Alcohol Allowed: Host agrees to assume all responsibility for ensuring that no one underage is served alcohol and that all guests 21 and older who served alcohol drink responsibly.

Restricted Activities: Host agrees not to provide or allow lewd or indecent activities or entertainment on Owners’ property. Such activities or entertainment would include strippers and pornographic material and are strictly prohibited. Host agrees not to have any weapons in the space, either their own or their guest. Host agrees for guest to not have any alcoholic beverages outside of the venue, i.e. parking lot, in front of venue. No smoking is allowed within 25 feet of the venue. No fighting, or any criminal activity is permitted in the venue or in front of the venue. If any of these restricted activities occur, the owner has the right to end the event, ask the host and guests to leave, a $300 damage fee retained and host not allowed to host an event with us again.


Smoking is not allowed. Glitter, confetti, candles, hookah, open flames are not allowed. Wall-safe tape only (Painter's Tape).


Extremely loud music is not allowed. Hosts are expected to be respectful of neighbors and keep reasonable noise levels at all times during the event. No outside speakers are allowed to be utilized without prior permission. Host agrees to bring the sound to a soft listening level at 11:30 pm. There is no outdoor space.

Clean-up: Host acknowledges and agrees to load out all that was loaded in, to clean up space and leave in broom swept condition. Please place  all garbage into black garbage bags and place them outside of the venue door upon exiting. 


Included in our fee is a $300 cleaning/damage deposit that will be voided if space is left in the same or similar condition as when Host entered. This deposit will  be retained if you are late getting out of the venue or if any of the space rules are broken.

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