Get your slice of the Event Space Rental Pie!

  • 6 Event Bookings

  • 1 Re-seller  link

  • Automatic Investing

  • Total Revenue: $3600 - $7200

  • Profit: $1600 - $5200


Event Space Sponsor Package

Event Space Sponsor Package

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100 Packages Available

92 Packages left

  • One-time Opportunity

  • No Overhead

  • No Day to Day management

  • We work the space while you get paid

  • Start Earning Today!

Your package with Plush Central gives you access to the Redwood Event Space in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to host meetings, workshops, pop-up shops, birthday parties, baby showers, book signings, photo-shoots, classes etc for yourself or simply resell your bookings to others who need to host.


We do the work to schedule and monitor bookings, checkup during and after events, collaborate with event hosts/planners, answer all space related questions.

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Invest with Our Event Professionals Network, 


Your purchase of this package is directly helping to encourage entrepreneurship in our community as we improve on our property, acquire the necessary resources, expand our network of Event Professionals and expand our spaces. By leveraging community we aim to be more than just "Spaces". We want to be an experience that creates opportunities for others already in the Event field and those who hope to become a part of it.


Types of Sponsors:

Corporate: You're not just sponsoring an event, you're sponsoring multiple events with a demographic that changes with each type of event hosted. We give your brand visibility at these events as you get featured space on entry to the Redwood Event Space in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where a variety of meetings, workshops, pop-up shops, birthday parties, baby showers, book signings, photo-shoots, classes etc will be hosted by clients with a wide demographic of guests.....Plus we make you look good as your sponsorship shows your goodwill to the community.

Website Feature:

Rental Booking Page:  Your brand becomes the face of our rental booking page on our website for the duration of your packages purchased. Our rental booking with you named as "Sponsor" will be made available for guests to book to host their events. Here there will see an overview about your business and your mission. Sponsor Rental pages will be displayed on our site in the order in which packages were bought. Here is an example of what your Sponsor Page will look like:

Every Page on Website: All sponsors will have their brand pinned to the bottom of every page on our website for our visitors to see as they browse through all the services we have to offer. Other areas of our site covers NYC Events, NYC Tours, Group Travel around the world and Black Car Service.


Event Planners: Make more from the events you plan. Working with tight budgets and little profit from your clients? With a package of 6 event bookings for a low price you can make the profit you need to make the event worth your while. Your clients book through your page and you get paid 100% of the proceeds less any fees.


Public (Regular People): Invest like the big boys and reap like them too. You may not be corporate and you may not be an Event Planner but you do know people who need space to host events...or maybe not. However, you want to profit or use the space yourself. This is a lifetime package that you get to hold on to until you need it or Opt-in for our guests to use it for you while you get paid.


About Redwood Events

With over 35 events and counting since its recent opening in August 2019, Redwood Events offers a variety of different packages, parking, and ADA accessibility to make sure everyone’s needs are being met.  The space is multi purpose; ranging from private events, gender reveals, baby showers, birthday parties, album release, business launch  to staff retreats, mental health and financial literacy workshops, and self care retreats.  

Redwood Events' partnership with Plush Central opens up a whole host of opportunities for entrepreneurship, marketing and investing. Plush Central is a social club specializing in Lifestyle & Culture through Events, Entertainment and Travel. Our services cover Event hosting, Event Space Rental, NYC Tours, Worldwide Group Travel and Black Car Service. One of the opportunities created by Plush Central is "Hosting" where anyone can plan a paid event using the Redwood space and share revenue to cover the cost of the space and keep the profits. We currently have 5 hosts, with more inquiring, working on ideas to bring in daily and weekly events so that sponsors/investors can make profits quickly.

Space details:

Size: 1000 sq ft Capacity: up to 120 people

Transit/Subway: B49, B43/B, Q, 2

Parking: Free Parking + Non metered street parking


Tables (8) 4X4 (4) 6x6

White Folding Chairs​ (50)

Sound system


Highlighted Features:

ADA Accessible 

White box space

Address: 136 Empire Blvd
Ste 4
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Event Space Sponsor Package Cost: $2000

Your package will be available for you to begin earning from booking payments coming through our site or for your own personal use or to offer space to others, immediately after purchase. Your direct link with you named as "Sponsor" will be made available for guests to book to host their events. Sponsor Rental pages will be displayed on our site in the order in which packages were bought. Your profits will be available after the completion of each event scheduled through your Sponsor Page. Plush Central & Redwood Events will have a Sponsor's party that you will be invited to at the Redwood home in Crown Heights after all 100 packages have been sold.

For additional questions, please email us at

Payment will be processed by Elate Lifestyles LLC