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Luxurious House

Own a Luxury Wellness Property

Members Only

Enjoy vacations and share in our revenue

Plush Central is a club that specializes in wellness spaces. We offer the easiest and most lucrative way to own and use luxury properties. The properties within the club are purchased using a fractional ownership plan. Acquire a membership in our club and access fractional ownership to a luxury wellness property within our club.

A property LLC is created for the property with you as a co-owner. While you and other co-owners own the LLC, the LLC owns the property.

Your LLC leases the property to Plush Central who does revenue sharing to ensure the property expenses are taken care of without each co-owner needing to come out of pocket for finance payments and other monthly expenses.

Passively earn income (5% of profits) from your property that includes short-term rental income, retreats and paid events held on the property and wellness services provided.

Come home for vacation. Each co-owner gets 2 weeks per share yearly in their fully serviced and maintained property. Enjoy concierge services during your stay which includes airport pickup and drop off luxury transport service, some healthy food & beverage stocked and discount on massage, fitness training and body contour services.

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MEMBERship Details

Each property is attached to a club membership.

Membership includes:

  • gathering co-owner group for LLC formation and legal.

  • servicing and maintenance of the property.

  • property upgrades, furnishing and reserve fund.

  • scheduling services for your stay.

  • concierge services and custom preparation for your stay.

  • flexibility with who can use your stay.

  • access to 1st dibs on additional new properties for our club.

  • revenue shares on all income generating activities on the property and not just rental income.

  • ability to resell your share of the property/LLC on your terms and at your price.

The Details
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